Poetry by David Filer

Dedicated to The Imani Project


Sonnets from the Pacific Northwest

Housekeeping - Sonnets from the Pacific Northwest

Finishing Line Press
ISBN: 1-59924-979-0 / 978-1-59924-979-7
28 pages of poetry

Price: $14 (plus $1.28 S&H)


Every old thing is with me...

Reginal Gibbons, "The Voice of Someone Else"


Every old thing is with me, when I let

The evenin in, with all its histories.

venus just now an hour from her set,

Bright above hills and fog. Wind skims the trees,

Hissing as if static, and then signals

Coming from somewhere, crossing the space

Imagination frames, pulses sweet and full,

Like memories I know I should not waste.

Where are you now, what have you learned,

That you're here in this unfamiliar place?

I'm looking west, to a sky growing dark

And cold, all but the planet's lamp-like trace.

Somehow your faded voice has touched me here.

How distant love can be and still be near.



Don't worry, spiders

I keep house


Robert Hass, "After the Gentel Poet Kobayashi Issa"


I count eleven, the diffferent spiders

Inside and out, inhabiting this house.

the tan with the white back, small, in the corner,

Hard to see against the sun-darkened fir. And out

Of reach draped from the chimney to window sill,

Daddy long-legs. A flat black one scurrying

Under the dishwasher. Five in the still

Air-space under the eaves. A gray one swaying

From the center beam as I climb to the loft,

One with the fat beige abdomen guarding the rail,

And one I can't find has been weaving across

My reading lamp. I leave them. their meals

Would only be a different nuisance,

Noisier for sure, and no less persistent.