Poetry by David Filer

Dedicated to The Imani Project

Night Verse

Night Verse

Finishing Line Press
26 Pages of Poetry

Shining Back

I see you there, shading your eyes, the evening Serengeti sun


In the day's remaining heat. Something is out there, soaring,

or gathering around

A carcass, or knee-deep in a watering hole. It doesn't matter.

It's all too

Far off and lost in diminishing layers, the plain blending into

the sunset

Beyond the farthest point that you can see. There, in that farther

landscape, is what you came for:

The other, the out-of-place, the gain that is the least and most

of what can be seen.

And it is there, shining back with its own light into your eyes.

I see you turning,

Climbing into the truck, the dusty road, the clear, cold earth-

circling air, touching down

In our green Northwest, what you've  seen still there, as you come

toward me and your eyes meet mine.