Poetry by David Filer

Dedicated to The Imani Project

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In Darkness it Flashes

To will it is enough to take

Them there.

Donald Justice, "Women in Love"


She wanted angels

In her life, with prayers

Like the soft movement

Of birds, susurrus

Of quick, accurate

Wings, come back from some

Distant place, precisely

When needed, lacing

The still evening air.


They came, and also small

Green and yellow frogs,

Chanting in the dusk

From under dogwoods,

From the muddy swale

Across the dike road,

Starting and stopping

In unison, and on

Into the July night.


Neither could she doubt

That they were angels

She was blessed with:

These ephemera,

These seasonal hymns

In ditch and air around

Her.  Though walking there,

She could see mere purple

Wings, yellow throats, hear


Their ordinary song.

See how she brings

The collar of her coat

Up around her neck,

As light fades and mist

Thickens in the cooling


Air, and how even

In darkness it flashes

Like a cape of stars.

            To Marlene, July 29, 2000


(published by Gumball Poetry)


—David Filer