Poetry by David Filer

Dedicated to The Imani Project

Spring - Osprey

—Puget Island

The way Spring is

in this landscape.


Mid-afternoon sun

cuts through the chaos

of clouds, exploding

the light-green of new

cottonwoods between dark

slough water and the fir-banked

palisades, just in that


moment of though,

A quick west wind

streaks acress, and the osprey

backs on it,

takes a long

look into the water



That keen hunger

holding in the edgy



I did not expect that iw would fall

to me—the steep

plunge and

cold results.


The way the landscape is, this season.




End of March. Rain all day, but just at dusk,

the sun appears, glancing its colored light


into a rainbow to the east. Cherry petals

fluttering, here and there, sidewalks covered


with them. New dandelions spangle

the power of company's grassy right-of-way,


like early yellow stars. An urgent scent

of Daphne hovers in the cooling air.


The Devils crafts such evenings, threads their bright

wonders together with vanishing time.


Here, he croons. Try these momentary jewels

on the unheeding breast of your desire.


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The Landscape There

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