Poetry by David Filer

Dedicated to The Imani Project

Weather Patterns

Weather Patterns

Dancing Moon Press

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Frail as dry grass,

she remembers the song

and dances a piano



to her three lives ago,

it now holds no


But just

to be quite


she arranges

the photographs

on the desk

and turns

on one lamp

before she leaves.


Weather Pattern

Even on a day in which there is no rain,

The water is coming up,

and falling down.

River and breath, tear in the lover’s eye.


Try January, wait for a dry day

And walk wherever your thoughts take you.

See if you don’t come back soaked.



That line of hills, across the river to the north and east

is sleeping.

I can tell by the dream of mist

that hides its ridge from our view down here.


Now’s the time to steal something from it.

It has something I need from time to time: a little


darkness, maybe even a trail into a hiding place.